Note the plural in the name — Shoppes on Broad —

And you’ll understand that this unique Edenton shopping destination is one the whole family can enjoy. From the stately man’s study appointments to the whimsical handmade stuffed animals for the very young (and very young at heart), you will find a carefully selected and tasteful potpourri of gifts, clothing, jewelry, and decor. You could spend an hour here and still be finding treasures!

Let’s start with the furniture.

There are antiques as well as new finds. And Donna Mclees, the owner and creator of this wonderful space, is the interior decorator par excellance, who can take your worn-around-the-edges favorite chair and reupholster it to become the center piece of your room. But be careful, your drapes might not look so good in comparison! But Donna can help out there, too — just sit down with her and let her show you what can be done. Her specialty is finding beautiful objects to meet any budget.

And then there is the interior design service.

Donna Mclees is well versed in all aspects of what it takes to dress up a home — from choosing the perfect bathroom tile work, to finding that one-of-a-kind antique love seat for your den. And you’ll be amazed at what she can do with your budget! She regularly attends private estate sales and trade shows, gathering beautiful pieces for any decor. Give Donna a call at 252.482.2015 to set up an appointment.

Then, let’s move on to gifts and jewelry.

Shoppes on Broad is never a wasted stop — you will always find an appropriate — ok, perfect — gift at the price you were hoping for. A baby shower? No problem. A wedding gift? Our speciality. Jewelry — estate and new — plenty to choose from. Crystal, lots. Toiletries — lovely soaps, bath salts, and creams. The only problem is choosing just one gift — bet you can’t walk out with just one!

And then there is the wonderful children’s room.

An array of classic dresses for little girls, hand-made stuffed animals, whimsical accessories — it feels like something out of a children’s story written in the 1900s. Even if you came into the store for something else in mind, you’ll be sure to enjoy just browsing through this room — guaranteed to make you feel young again!

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